Contact Your Representatives in the following states where Konnech software is known to have been utilized.


State & Federal Representatives

PA Department of StateLeigh M. ChapmanActing Secretary of the CommonwealthWebsite(717) 787-6458
PA Department of StateElectionsWebsite(717) 787-5280RA-Elections@pa.gov
PA Department of StatePam IovinoExecutive Deputy SecretaryWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateJonathan M. MarksDeputy Secretary for Elections and CommissionsWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateKori HouseAssistant Deputy Secretary for Elections and CommissionsWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateTimothy E. GatesChief CounselWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateJessica MathisDirector, Bureau of Election Services and NotariesWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateMichael RosenberryDirector, Bureau of Enforcement and InvestigationWebsite(717) 783-7228
PA Department of StateBureau of Election Security and TechnologyWebsite(717) 787-5280
PA Department of StateLegal OfficeWebsite(717) 783-7200
PA Department of StateOffice of Chief CounselWebsite(717) 783-0736
US SenatePat ToomeyUS SenatorWebsite(202) 224-4254
US SenateRobert CaseyUS SenatorWebsite(202) 224-6324
PA Attorney GeneralJosh ShapiroAttorney GeneralWebsite717-787-3391
PA Attorney GeneralMichelle HenryFirst Deputy Attorney GeneralWebsite717-787-3391

County Representatives

PO Box 3109 #19128 | Houston, TX 77253-3109 | 713-401-6017
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