San Francisco County, CA

US House of RepresentativesNancy Pelosi (D)US Representative - SpeakerWebsite(202) 225-4965
US House of RepresentativesJackie Speier (D)US RepresentativeWebsite(202) 225-3531
CA State SenateScott Wiener (D)CA State SenatorWebsite(916) 651-4011
CA General AssemblyMatt Haney (D)CA State AssemblymemberWebsite(916) 319-2017 
CA General AssemblyPhil Ting (D)CA State AssemblymemberWebsite(916) 319-2019
County SheriffKatherine JohnsonUndersheriffWebsite (415) 554-7225  
County SheriffPaul MiyamotoSheriffWebsite (415) 554-7225  
SF District AttorneyBrooke JenkinsDistrict AttorneyWebsite(628)
SF City/County GovernmentDept of ElectionsWebsite (415) 554-4375
SF City/County GovernmentElections
SF City/County GovernmentChristopher JerdonekMember - Elections
SF City/County GovernmentRobin M. StoneMember - Elections
SF City/County GovernmentLucy Bernholz Member - Elections
SF City/County GovernmentCynthia DaiMember - Elections
SF City/County GovernmentRenita LiVolsiMember - Elections CommissionWebsite(415) 554-7724
SF City/County GovernmentSunshine Ordinance Task
SF City/County GovernmentOpen Source Voting System Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)Website
SF City/County GovernmentDept of Technology-CybersecurityWebsite(628) 652-5000
SF City/County GovernmentNorman GoldwynIT Director Website(415) 671-7000
SF City/County GovernmentLinda Gerull City CIO, Executive Director, Department of Technology Website415 581 4000
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